Aromatherapy  Massage 

Imagine lying on the massage table and getting a dry massage. we offer aromatherapy massage in delhi , A normal dry massage when given by a world-class therapist can put most of us on the seventh heaven. Now add essential oils to the mix during the massage session. It will be a peerless massage experience – the effects of which are quite unlike any other relaxing experience in the world.

Aroma Body Massage uses essential oils as its basic ingredient and book your aromatherapy massage in delhi, It is essentially concentrated essence of tree extracts. These oils have been carefully extracted from flowers, seeds, tree barks, leaves, etc. of plants believed to have therapeutic effects from around the world. Essential oils have since long been thought to have healing properties. There are more than 400 types of essential oils in the world but only 40 of these oils are used during an aromatherapy massage in delhi. Practitioners have believed that aromatherapy can alleviate stress and boost the overall well being. A single aromatherapy massage session can use up to 10 different types of essential oils. Essential oils are commonly used in tandem with carrier oils. Carrier oils can be extracts of sweet almond, grape seed, etc. Inhalation bowls are also used to amplify the effect of the oils during the massage.


aromatherapy massage in delhiA therapist may conduct a consultation session before the start of the massage to understand the desired outcome that you want to achieve during the session. The choice of essential oils may vary based on the end result that you are trying to achieve during the massage session. For example, if you are opting for a relaxing aroma body massage, a therapist may opt for lavender or bergamot whereas they may choose peppermint or eucalyptus as the ingredient to relieve your sore muscles during the session.


Aromatherapy can work its effective through either of the two techniques. The nostrils will inhale the oils and trigger the brain cells which could result in relaxing your body. Another mechanism in which the oils start to affect your body is by direct absorption when applied directly to your skin during the massage session. Undergoing an aroma body massage has numerous mental and physical health benefits. The foremost positive effect that the massage can have on you is that it will give you a rejuvenating experience. The relief that you feel during the session is both sensory and physical in nature. So, you walk out from the massage table feeling fresh and less stressful. You will be more focused at the end of the session and chances are that any chronic headache that you may have been suffering from will also be gone. The benefits of an aroma body massage extends to nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscular systems of a human body.

The aromatherapy can help you invoke positive memories to beat the stress. It also strengthens the body and boosts a body’s immune system. In fact, the health benefits of an aromatherapy massage can be used to treat numerous conditions. If you are facing stress, body ache, or if you just need to catch a break in your life, try the aroma body massage at the Apex D Spa in New Delhi. It has a wide assortment of essential oils sourced from across the world and expertly trained trainers who are well-versed to handpick the oils based on your needs.

Aromatherapy massage is basically used with natural and essential oils which are extracted from leaves, roots and flowers. It is used to give healing touch by using essential oil. It help to increase blood circulation by smooth massage , if you are looking aromatherapy massage in Delhi then you can book your appointment on 8527275332

It is useful to reduce pain and give relaxation to body and counted as doctor’s treatment and used second option for medicine.

Our CEO of the company himself trained therapists to provide better services to his client, he did diploma In Spa Therapies and knows western therapies and Asian therapies are applied and he knows ayurvedic massages like abhayyangam , potli, shirodhara etc. he is doing diploma in physiotherapy currently .Mostly our clients want to have full body massage in Delhi and we give them aroma body massage therapies as per their demands.

Aroma body massage include the following stops for body massage services like

Back massage

It starts from the back of the clients by using oils and rubbing with palms towards diagonal direction and thumb sliding , thumb rotation on the side of spine.and effleurage on the back with kneading on neck.

Back Leg massage

Effleurage on the leg with help of finger and manipulate the point with palms and fingers in repeat order and thumb rotation and give v strokes with wringing on thigh.

front leg massage

Kneading on calf and full effleurage with oil application by using the fingers and wringing on the thigh and feather on full leg

Chest Massage

In chest massage oil application is used with thumb kneading on collar bone and effleurage from the head end and use it multiple times.

Hand massage

By using finger and palm rub it and manipulate pressure. use full hand effleurage with thumb rotation and grow blood pressure with help of palm.

Face massage

use finger and palm and rubbing on towards up side and manipulate the pressure point if you are looking full body massage in delhi then book appointment now for aromatherapy massage in delhi

Abdominal Massage

Use the oil and rubbing manipulate the pressure point and do rolling on the abdominal area and do effleurage with kneading process.