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Foot Reflexology Massage in Delhi

Foot Reflexology Massage in Delhi

Natural technique to boost your immune system

Reflexology is a natural method used as part of a preventative health maintenance program. Reflexology can trace its roots back to ancient Egypt. Much has been learned about reflexology since the times of the Egyptians. Now with modern technology, reflexology foot systems are finding their way into massage chairs.

Foot reflexology improves the lymphatic and vascular circulation. It also helps to balance the hormonal system. It is also an effective remedy for nervous system disorders. There are many different benefits including relaxation from getting regular foot reflexology massages.

There are a number of top manufacturers that include foot reflexology massage in their recliners. Companies such as Panasonic, Omega and Sanyo have developed capabilities to provide relieving foot reflexology treatments. There are a number of different approaches to accomplishing these types of treatments.

First, we have to understand some relationships between the feet and the rest of the body. Each foot has 7200 nerve endings. These provide direct access to the circulatory and nervous systems in the body. Another important factor is that the feet are the furthest away from the heart which helps improve circulation.

The principle behind a reflexology foot massage is based on the principle that there are reflex points. Reflexology uses specific pressure techniques that induce a profound state of relaxation. The nerve endings of the feet are interconnected with the major organs of the body.

The makers of massage chairs use a combination of reflexology plates or nodes along with an air massage system. Best way to maintain your health as well as your mind with natural massage technique. These technologies come together to provide soothing relief and relaxation.

One important development is a reflexology plate. These specially designed plates are located in the foot wells of the leg rest. The feet are placed on top of the reflexology plates. These specially designed plates stimulate the trigger points on the soles of the feet.

Another approach is to use specialized nodes. These nodes are normally attached to an air bag. The airbag is inflated which provides the pressure to stimulate the reflexology points.