Female to Male Body To Body Massage in delhi


Hot stones – during this treatment, combinations of lukewarm and hot rocks are placed on the body following the main energy centers. Each stone is, in fact, an electromagnetic field, because it is obtained from the core of the earth. The stones have the ability to withstand long heat and are rich in magnesium, iron and copper. However, it is only a supportive to the therapist. The effect of this treatment is better blood flow, elimination of toxins from the body, release from the negative and filling with positive energy and deep relaxation.

The most common type of stone in this massage is the basalt stone. They are smooth, black volcanic stones that absorb and hold the heat quite well. Flat and smooth stones are easier to place on specific points of the body, making it important to be varied in size and shape. For example, you can use small stones between the toes to remove stress and stimulate nerve endings on the feet.

In the expert hands of a professional massage therapist, you will slowly lose your inhibitions and feel the tenseness of the muscles slipping away. The massage session will unblock your energy flow and leave you with a sense of weightlessness. You can avail different type of body to body massages with each targeting a different type of body ailment. we are  in New Delhi offers both female and male body to body massage as per your preference. Our expert massage therapists use a handpicked blend of aromatic oils and herbs for the Female to Male body to body massage session. You will fill a nirvana-like bliss because of every reach of your body being massaged from the extremities of your toes to the finger and nape. The gentle caress of the human body on top of you will slowly and surely calm your senses and give you a memorable experience.


Body to body massage in Delhi by female to male


It is a must try therapeutic treatment which is designed to energize and revitalize your entire body. Unwind and relieve yourself from all the stress with this purifying full body massage. You will also learn about your deepest desires and range of emotions during your journey to self-discovery in this Female To Male Body To Body Massage.