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Swedish Massage

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Balinese Massage

we are offering, Balinese Massage Enjoy and Get Relex

Balinese Massage Enjoy and Get Relex

pretty, attractive, beautiful young trained therapists

Thai Massage

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Deep Tissues Massage

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Full Body Massage In delhi

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Full Body Massage By Delhi Based Young Models

Full body massage relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation. Effects on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles in accordance with the methods used to have a relaxing or invigorating. Improves blood circulation of tissues, stimulates metabolism. Used for muscle tension, sleep disorders, as well as to relieve stress. A skilful massage relaxes and gives a sense of well-being. Massage is contraindicated in hypertension, varicose veins, acute skin diseases, and fever.

Full body massage – which aims to relax, stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. It is surface clean dead skin cells, skin hydrates and nourishes, and is achieved by deep relaxation as the muscles relax. It reduces the level of stress, relieves headaches, insomnia, nervousness.Deep-tissue massage is a variety of different massage techniques that are used to reach the deepest layers of muscle tissue, and fascia (connective skin which encloses the muscles and other organs). This type of massage is often used to reduce pain and inflammation and helps to recover from injuries. Deep tissue massage can be combined with other massage techniques such as manual therapy (alternative way to treat problems with the spine and joints). The massage is not always painful and even on the contrary, can be extremely pleasant.

Is a special massage form for the solution of persistent tensions in muscle and fascia tissue. Through targeted pressure on the muscle-tendon-transition of one or several muscles, tense tissue can be solved in a targeted manner. The receptors in the tissue “switch” the muscles, so to speak, on pressure, and the organism can reorient itself. The treatment is based on the feeling of wellbeing. This means that only the body is massaged where the body is also accessible for it.

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Why full body massage needed?

Indian traditional massage therapy, focusing on being in the present moment. Oils used in Ayurveda that balance, soothe and cleanse the skin through the lymphatic drainage from the body and is an excellent effect. Affects 107 Ayurveda described in paragraph e. marmat, prevent disease, blood circulation and promote the physical and mental harmony. Using a slow gentle stroking, and animating the ringitamist patsutamisest and warmed to friction and squeezing.


The goal of Ayurvedic massage is to achieve the energetic and psychophysical balance of these energies. By combining the headache and lymphatic drainage, deep relaxation, tiredness and insomnia, as well as better work of the internal organs, is achieved.The original name of this massage therapy is a Swedish massage, but actually it is the most common partial or full (certain parts of the body) massage. When it masseur using lighter fluid shocks, rubbing and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using massage oil or lotion. For best results, it is recommended to make a series of 2-3 treatments. If you want to keep your body and mind in top shape, then it is recommended twice a month.

In the Swedish massage movements are specific, it could be and say: “skillfully weaved knowledge of modern medicine in the traditional Eastern massage techniques”, which is all together extremely effective combination for the circulation of blood and lymph.

Basically (there are many modification) consists of several techniques-movements that have French names. Effleurage make long soothing strokes that are running in the direction of the heart, which warms and relaxes body. Petrissage like movement kneading dough makes it possible to achieve deeper effects of massage. It is and mashing on the joints and bones, which helps to remove toxins in these parts of the body, which are often the cause of disease. Tapping moves like percussion, aimed at awakening a specific area body. Move thumb and fingertips says the circular pressure to help release blockages in the nerves and muscles, and oscillating movements improves the condition of muscles of small areas-the muscles on the face and along the spine.

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